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3PW - Year End Mayhem

Year End Mayhem (3PW) (2002) Wrestling/Cage Fighting (December 2002)


OPENER: Josh Daniels b Matt Stryker..
MATCH: Jason Knight b Blue Meanie..
MATCH: Rob Eckos b Damian Adams..
MATCH: Kid Kash b Syxx-Pac.. Kash won with a piledriver off the middle ropes.. Syxx-Pac appeared to suffer a stinger on the bump and was carried out on a stretcher.. Syxx-Pac apologized for not being 100% for the second show in a row.. Syxx said he wouldn’t return until he was 100%..
MATCH: Roadkill b Rockin Rebel..
MATCH: Joey Matthews b Nosawa..
MATCH: Abdullah the Butcher b Bam Bam Bigelow ..
3PW TITLE MATCH: Gary Wolf b Sabu to win the 3PW title..
NEWS: Dusty Rhodes, Too Cold Scorpio and Ron Killings all no-showed..