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Comedy / Drama / TV Series  (2013-2014)  11760 minutes ~ Color

The future of Beirais remains uncertain. Diogo stands out, leading the opposition to the dam’s construction in Beirais. Agostinho will try to question him in the eyes of the population, preparing a trap to make people believe Diogo is against the dam just in appearance, since he is pretending to be in negotiations for the good name of the village, while secretly negotiating a way to make more profit for himself. The population will mistrust him, but Diogo is able to prove his innocence, run against Augustine, and win the elections for the Council. Diogo cannot prove Agostinho’s guilt though. He will be accused of irregularities in the Council’s business, but even then Agostinho get votes, losing for Diogo in end. Diogo will then start a new phase of his life as President of the Council of Beirais.

It is time Diogo shows everyone that, with goodwill and honesty, many problems can be solved. In this season, he represents the hope all Portuguese people want to keep in their hearts. The problem is that, once Diogo joins the Council, he will find even more obstacles than he was counting for and realize that in politics, even if it is a small village like Beirais, is hard for anyone to be true to principles. This will make him be disappointed with his position in the Council. Diogo and Clara’s relationship falls into a period of some turbulence, to the point of coming to an end. However, they never stop loving each other and, between encounters and mismatches, our heroes will the way back to each other and to happiness. Stars: Pêpê Rapazote, Oceana Basílio, Inês Faria  


Comedy, Drama, TV Series