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Action (2002) 90 minutes ~ Color

In 1190, the knight Elizabeth leaves her young son Peter in England, battles, and is wounded in the Third Holy Crusade. She must return to her village, where she is informed by the local priest that Peter was abducted by the wicked tyrant Grekkor and his powerful knights. Elizabeth decides to build an army to fight against Grekkor, but all the local men are afraid to join. For her crusade of revenge, Elizabeth only counts with the support of three other women: Hunter and her bow and arrows; the prostitute Eve; and the gypsy Sybil and her powders and herbs. Later, the strong Luke also joins her desperate struggle against Grekkor.

Director: Byron W. Thompson

Writers:Byron W. Thompson

Stars: Rutger Hauer, Joanna Pacula, Arnold Vosloo, John Vernon