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Drama/ New Releases / Religious/FaithBased / Urban (2014) ~ Color


Sampson Fairchild, 27, overcame a harsh upbringing in the projects and drug addiction to become a self-made multi-millionaire … But even he can’t overcome the cancer ravaging his body. Although he’s accepted his fate, he has deathbed regrets. While even his mother and the minister are angling to gain control of his vast fortune and holdings, Sampson implores his best friend and business associate, Kelley – who has always had his back – and his adoring sister, Jasmine, to locate his daughter Madison, whom he hasn’t seen in years. “Deeds…Not Money…Made Him Wealthy” A compelling, urban drama – highlighted by traditional, early American gospel – sharing one man’s struggle to make the most of a shortened life on his journey to meet the Lord.

Directed By: Matt Keith

Writer: Dan Garcia

Stars: Lakesha Lenoir (Da Block Party 2), Shanna Forrestall (Left Behind, Olympus Has Fallen) George Boyd (Only God Can Judge Me, The Rimshop), with a special appearance by Pettidee (Grammy-Nominated Christian Hip-Hop Star).