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Action / Drama / Thriller (1998) 92 minutes ~ Color

The White Raven is a huge diamond that was used to ransom a young girl from a German concentration camp during the war. When the camp was liberated, the diamond disappeared and the camp commander was imprisoned, but not hung, as he knew the whereabouts of the White Raven. But now he is dying and will only talk to an American journalist by the name of Tully whose grandfather was a sadistic guard at the camp. With different groups looking for the Raven, Tully becomes the key as he must crack the riddle as to the location of the diamond before everyone, including Tully, is eliminated.

Directors: Jakub Z. Rucinski (as Jakub Rucinski) , Andrew Stevens

Writer: Michael Blodgett (novel and screenplay)

Stars: Ron Silver, Joanna Pacula, Roy Scheider