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Sci-Fi / Religious/Faith Based  (2008)  70 minutes ~ Color


 The fantastic tales of adventure penned over a hundred years ago by Jules Verne still live in the minds and hearts of millions. Futuristic concepts and legendary heroes mix with visions of a utopian world and crazed madmen, and yet, this incredible legacy is still misunderstood and misinterpreted.

Hundreds of writers have tried desperately to analyze the writings of Jules Verne, claiming on the one hand that there is an underlying sexual message, on the other that he is guiding us towards some hidden and lost treasure.

But what is the truth? Were these highly successful stories simply great works of fiction? Or do they really hold a message for us today?

In this film, we dissect the most famous of tales and discover the truth. From Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea to Around the World in Eighty Days, from The Mysterious Island to Journey to the Center of the Earth, this film scrutinizes both the author and the meaning of his work.

This is a voyage into the world of Jules Verne, the father of science fiction.

Winner of Honorable Mention and Official Selection at Twin Rivers Media Festival

Director: Philip Gardiner

Writer: Philip Gardiner