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Horror / Sci-Fi  (2005) ~ Color

Original Title: Camp D.O.A. Devon Southern is having the time of his life. He’s young, handsome, and rich. Far from thinking of himself as a spoiled rich kid, he loves being the Big Man on Campus — throwing parties and spending weekends at exclusive retreats. He’s made many friends and a few enemies. Devon discovers that his father, a wealthy land developer, has acquired a new holding, which he plans to turn into an exclusive mountain resort.

On a whim and without his father’s knowledge, Devon invites several friends to the secluded mountain spot for a long holiday weekend of fun. While Devon plans the weekend of all weekends, one of his campus rivals plots to ruin the weekend of fun. However, even before he and his college pals arrive on the mountain, a shadow of evil is lurking in the darkness. Arriving ready for fun and relaxation, Devon has no clue about a strange and merciless killer that lurks in the shadows. Safe in the light of day, Devon and his friends don’t have a clue that their time is running out.

Director: Earl Hilliard Jr.

Writer: Ramona Taylor

Stars: Christopher Clay Jones, Erik Dellums, Denise M. Ortiz


Horror, Sci-Fi