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Watch The Church Office Movie Online Free

Comedy / Family / Drama / Religious/Faith Based  (2010)  86 minutes ~ Color




Neurotic church employee desires job promotion, but must overcome antics of sarcastic coworker while enduring chaos of zany CHURCH OFFICE family!

Before PASTOR leaves for an emergency mission to Haiti, he puts GRACE and her coworker SABRINA in charge of running the church office…with the promise of giving a job promotion to one of them after he returns. Competition ensues,DEACON THOMPSON must keep peace between GRACE and SABRINA.

Church members including those from the usher board, women’s ministry, and choir, in need of urgent assistance, feel GRACE lacks experience and prefer SABRINA to help with their dilemmas which forces GRACE to admit to her inadequacies. An unexpected situation threatens the closing of the church in 3 days…everyone bails.

Left alone to run the church office GRACE has to find a way to save the church, but first must find the faith, the friendship, the forgiveness and the strength she always knew she had!!

Faith. Friendship. Forgiveness.

Director: Nancy Bellany

Writer: Nancy Bellany (Creator and Story)

Stars: Nancy Bellany, Mariana Campos and Amaala El Amin