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Systema-Beyond -The-Physical

Martial Arts / Instructional  (2007)  100 minutes ~ Color



By the legendary Mikhail Ryabko, contains breathtaking demonstrations and detailed instructions on how to develop and apply the highest form of self-defense. Learn how to overcome any attack with minimal or no physical contact at all! Mikhail is one of the few masters in the world that can easily demonstrate his fascinating powers not only with his students, but also with any person. Moreover, he shows you how to do it too!

This is an outstanding presentation of the most subtle and powerful ways to move, strike and control your opponents. Mikhail takes you through the unique view on Biomechanics, Body Form and Breathing to the depth of Human Psychology and Philosophy of Russian Martial Art. He truly shows you how to expand your skills beyond the physical!

Stars: Mikhail Ryabko