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Drama / Foreign  (2009) 100 minutes ~ Color

Twenty years after his father disappeared in the Qinghai-Tibet Plateau while attempting to build a railway on the ridge of the world, the missing man’s son returns to the site to complete the job. Yu Mingyuan never knew his father, but he knows his work all too well. His father was the only one left behind when a group of surveyors were forced to evacuate the plateau due to harsh weather conditions. Now, after laying tracks all the way to the foot of the Kunlun Mountains, Yu and his team are forced to retreat just as his father’s team had two decades prior. Twenty four years later, a middle aged Yu is determined to complete the job once and for all. With altitude expert Chu Ranran to aid his team and high-tech equipment like hyperbaric oxygen chambers to make the working conditions more tolerable, Yu leads his crew onward and upward for one final push.

Director: Feng Xiaoning

Writers: Feng Xiaoning, Zhang Jiping, Jin Siyu

Stars: Zhou Lijing, Liu Xiaowei, E Busi


Drama, Foreign