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Watch Punk Rock Holocaust 2: Serial Bandocide

Horror / Musical  (2008)  145 minutes ~ Color

Set one year after the original Punk Rock Holocaust, the demonic Executioner’s headless, undead corpse is back on the 2004 Vans Warped Tour and it’s looking for its head! The killer’s body is tearing the heads off of various band members and sticking them on the jagged spinal cord where his neck used to be, using them to look for his own head. The heads retain the personality of the band member but the body is pure evil and is still carrying out murders. The estranged heads are not on too good and keep falling off. On the tour there is total Holocaust Denial as Kevin Lyman and his tour production staff refutes the reports of carnage that happened in the previous year. Meanwhile, the evil Record Executive Belial (once again played by Tromas Lloyd Kaufman) is on the rampage and on Lymans case about the deaths on the tour. One precocious, nubile Holocaust Survivor named Meghan has become a reporter for a small independent magazine. She is determined to get to the bottom of the story and reveal the truth to the world. Kevin Lyman is hiding something, but why? And what? Punk Rock Holocaust 2 features live music performances as well as acting performances from some of the top bands of the 2004 and 2005 Warped Tours including The Aquabats, Bouncing Souls, The Casualties, My Chemical Romance, River City Rebels, Riverboat Gamblers, The Planet Smashers, Sugarcult, Teenage Harlets, Shira Girl, Pro BMX Rider Rick Thorne, Mr. Dibbs, Metal VJ MIstress Juliya and more!

Director: Doug Sakmann

Writers: Doug Sakmann, Nick Esposito

Stars: The Aquabats, James Christopher Black and Frank Iero