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Drama / Romance / War  (2005)  115 minutes ~ Color

The premise of writer-director Whitney Hamilton’s period picture My Brother’s War springs from a little-known historical footnote: the fact that in the Civil War, an excess of 400 young women disguised themselves as men and trekked off to the battlefront in drag. As this story opens, young Grace Kieler (Hamilton) perceives the ideological divisions in her own clan – her fiancé marches off to vie for the Union, while her brother vows to support the Confederacy. Kieler fulfills a promise to her dying father by attempting to protect her brother’s life. She does so by cropping her hair short, donning her sibling’s uniform, and heading off to the front lines herself, as a man. She soon finds herself drawn magnetically into the life and world of a war widow, Virginia. A romance blossoms between the two, guided by Virginia’s assumption that Grace is a man. When Virginia learns the truth, the two women must confront the fact that, despite the morals and behavioral limitations of the period, their passion for one another knows no boundaries.

Director: Whitney Hamilton

Writer: Whitney Hamilton

Stars: Whitney Hamilton, Dana Bennison, and Ryan Tramont


Drama, Romance, War