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Drama / Musical / Romance / Foreign  (2007)  102 minutes ~ Color



 A woman whose husband is away fighting in World War I embarks on an arduous journey after receiving a troubling letter in director Serge Bozon’s intimate war drama. The year is 1917, and it’s springtime in France. Camille’s husband may be fighting in the war, but for this naïve young housewife, life is peaceful. Upon receiving a letter in which her husband curtly ends the couple’s relationship without explanation, Camille decides to disguise herself as a man and seek her true love out on the front lines. It’s not long before Camille joins up with a small squadron of soldiers who remain completely unaware of her true identity or gender, and as the group makes their way to the battleground Camille’s eyes will finally be opened to a reality she could have never imagined — the reality of France.

Director: Serge Bozon

Writers: Serge Bozon and Axelle Ropert

Stars: Sylvie Testud, Pascal Greggory and Guillaume Verdier


Drama, Foreign, Musical, Romance