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 Action / Drama / Musical / Bollywood  (1997)  166 minutes ~ Color


Koyla is set in a background of coal mines. The supreme emperor Rajasaab (Amrish Puri) and his eccentric brother Brijwa (Salim Ghouse) secrectly terrorize by killing and raping innocent people. Shankar (Shah Rukh), is a humble and mute servant of Rajasaab and unaware of Raja’s evil ways, One fateful day, Raja’s eyes fall upon innocent Gauri (Madhuri). Driven by lust to prossess her, he conspires to marry her by sending a photograph of Shankar along with a marriage proposal. As fate would have it, Gauri instantly falls in love with Shankar and fantasizes about being his bride. Events progress to the marriage day…When suddenly Gauri spots Shankar’s face in the crowds. She snatches the sehra off, and to her horror finds the old wrinkled face of Raja. As she faints, he grabs her and completes the ceremony. Gauri tries to hang herself when Shankar breaks into her room and saves her. On seeing him, Gauri breaks down and accusess him for destroying her life. But after learning the truth, she comes to his hut that night. Words are not spoken, but their hearts understand. Gauri’s brother learns of her marriage and he tries to rescue her but it goes in vain and he is killed. As he is dying he turns to Shankar and pleads with him to take his sister away. After all the years of torture, Shankar turns to Raja in a frenzy of rage, grabs Gauri’s hand and runs away. Raja uses everything in his power to hunt Shankar and Gauri in the jungles. Finally, through a trick, they fall prey to Raja. What happens next? Watch KOYLA!

Director: Rakesh Roshan

Writers: Rakesh Roshan, Sachin Bhowmick

Stars: Shah Rukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit and Amrish Puri


Action, Bollywood, Drama, Musical