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Documentary  (2012)  120 minutes ~ Color


Extensive documentary behind the scenes of the feature film Zombiefied.

Director: Todd Jason Cook

Writer: Todd Jason Cook

Stars: Todd Jason Cook, Travis Dearing, Scott Frank

“If you ever wanted to see a mash-up of Carpenter and Romero influences, this is the one to see.” —

“It doesn’t let up until the final credits roll!” – Matt Pocock,

“Zombiefied is fun and Cook shows promise.” – Fangoria Magazine

“If you’re a fan of movies like Lucio Fulci’s City of the Dead and The Beyond, ZOMBIEFIED is well worth your time.” – Jason Thorson, Ravenous Monster

“Zombiefied makes good use of both the slasher and zombie sub genres and includes some scary scenes as all well as out and out gore-laden action sequences.”
Hacked in the Head Reviews

“Zombiefied makes for a unique take on zombie horror.” – Doug Tilley,

“Talk about thinking outside the box!” – Char Hardin, Horror Reviewer

“Zombiefied totally rocked!” – Kristy Langford, Gates of Gore Reviews.

Zombiefied: Official Soundtrack – NEW!!!
CD (2012)37 TRACKS of songs and composed score music from the original Soundtrack of Zombiefied!  Now you can hear ALL of the music, uncut and complete!  Run Time: 85 Mins.