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Thriller / Color / PG-13


Caleb Bodine and his mother Rachel, ardent animal rights activists, secretly kidnap and rescue animals subjected to cruel laboratory testing at the Chemtech Pharmaceutical Corporation, owned by Caleb’s own cold-blooded cousin, Cole.  On one such mission to save animals, Rachel is shot and killed by Cole’s security team. Orphaned and despondent, feuding with the Bodine clan, Caleb is soon befriended by the beautiful Danielle, a new waitress at the restaurant where he works.  Danielle has a mysterious connection to Chemtech, and reveals a startling secret that propels Caleb into a strange and clandestine world on a break-neck quest for answers and justice.

Director:  Justin E. Viggiano

Writer:  Gabrielle Utsey & Justin E. Viggiano

Stars:  Brandon Tyler Jones, Christine Jensen, David Stavetski



New Releases, Thriller