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Cimarron Strip - The Sound Of A Drum

Western / TV Series (1968) 90 minutes ~ Color






Sergeant Clay Tice a free-wheeling cavalry veteran, clashes with his Sergeant-Major Chambers, a by-the-book disciplinarian. When the Sergeant-Major catches Tyce courting Dulcey at the Wayfarers Inn instead of searching for rustlers with his cavalry patrol, the junior non-com is given a choice of resigning or facing court-martial. Tyce resigns, then rounds up several malcontents from his old troop and stages a kangaroo-court in the Wayfarers Inn with Chambers as the defendant.


Director: Gerald Mayer

Writers: Christopher Knopf (developer), Victor Leslie Tracy (story and teleplay), A.L. Christopher (teleplay)

Stars: Stuart Whitman, Percy Herbert, Randy Boone