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Cimarron Strip - The Judgement

Western / TV Series (1968) 72 minutes ~ Color







Arriving in Hardesty after a long hard trail drive, Trail Boss Joe Bravo and his men attempt to cash a $500 check at the Hardesty Bank. Being unable to furnish the proper identification, the bank refuses to cash the check. Eager and anxious to get their money, the cowboys take over the bank with a plan to only get their $500. When they open up the vault and realize that there is $100,000 inside, the temptation becomes too great. Upon turning from cowboys to outlaws, Marshal Crown is faced with the task of bringing the thieves to justice. A great performance by James Stacy.


Director: Robert Butler

Writers: Christopher Knopf (developer), Daniel B. Ullman

Stars: Stuart Whitman, Percy Herbert, Randy Boone


TV Series, Westerns