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Chuan Fa Health and Self Defense

Instructional / Martial Arts (2006) 266 minutes ~ Color






CH’UAN FA HEALTH AND SELF DEFENSE is a practical guide for discovering the power of the intuitive thought process for use in daily life. The techniques depict powerful and effective self-defense applications that were originally developed centuries ago to produce sensations that could be used as a focal point for meditation. Former Ultimate Fighting Heavyweight Champion Bas Rutten makes a guest appearance to offer his advice for success in developing a powerful fighting strategy.

WAYNE VILLENEUVE is a Fourth Degree Black Belt in Chuan Fa, a Certified Instructor of Tai Chi Chuan and a First Degree Black Belt in Chung Do Kwon Tae Kwon Do. Throughout his 34 years of experience, his innovative approach to Martial Arts has motivated students who want to strengthen their minds and bodies through deep meditation. P Bas Rutten is a 3-time King of Pancrase, former middleweight kickboxing champion and former Ultimate Fighting heavyweight world champion. He currently distributes a series of instructional videos for Mixed Martial Arts competitors.


Director: Wayne Villeneuve

Writer: Wayne Villeneuve

Stars: Wayne Villeneuve and Bas Rutten