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3PW - 5 Star 4 Way

Wrestling/Cage Fighting (2004) ~ Color




OPENING MATCH: Ruckus vs Slyk Wagner Brown with April Hunter

ROYAL RUMBLE TAG TEAM MATCH: Double Trouble (Jack Victory & Rockin Rebel) and Rob Eckos & Matt Striker were the first two teams Gary Wolf & Mike Kruel w/Jasmin St. Claire were the third team to enter the match Rob Eckos & Matt Striker (dressed as Iron Sheik & Nikolai Volkoff!) came back as the fourth entry Blue Meanie & Roadkill were the fifth team to enter the match Rob Eckos & Matt Striker (dressed at the Road Warriors) were the sixth team to enter! Slyk Wagner Brown & April Hunter were the final team to enter the match

MATCH: Monsta Mack vs CJ O’Doyle

INTERGENDER MATCH: April Hunter vs CJ O’Doyle

CHALLENGE MATCH: Roadkill vs Monsta Mack

3PW TITLE 4-WAY: Chris Daniels vs Joey Matthews (Champ) and AJ Styles and Chris Sabin